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The definition of how to utilize common technical standards to accomplish secure, real-time data transport.  This standard is based on HTTP, XML, and SOAP.  This defines the necessary implementation steps that a developer will need to take, and where necessary offers advice about backend system design.

Briefly stated, the High Performance Channel is a collection of software components that provide a secure, efficient, open methodology for moving data among FFELP participants. In contrast to earlier, batch oriented methods (Compuserve, FTP, SMTP/POP3), the High Performance Channel will support the emerging demand for real-time processing and instantaneous transaction turnaround required by web-based and business to business processes.(more)

The High Performance Channel Protocol is a combination of a technology usage specification and a message structure specification. By relying on defined public standards when possible HPCP leverages existing work by the technical community to straightforwardly resolve potentially complex issues relating to internet/intranet based messaging, communications, and encryption. HPCP also defines a specific XML based message structure that provides information for routing, message tracking, and data processing

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